Skype or Phone Consultations

Discovery Call (15 minutes) – FREE 

Before choosing to work with me, I invite you to have a FREE 15-minute discovery call with me. This discovery call is intended for you to share your primary health concerns with me and to learn more about my approach to health and what you can expect from working with me. To get started send me an email to book your free discovery call session today – no strings attached!

Initial Consultation (60-75 mins) – $75 CAD 

This 1-hour session is all about you! During this consultation, we will review your health history, discuss your current dietary patterns, address your primary concerns and answer any questions you may have. After your Initial Consultation, you will receive a treatment plan which includes your dietary, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations. Please note: When you make an initial appointment, you’ll receive a welcome note along with a form. Please ensure the form is completed, prior to your Skype/phone consult so we can make the most of our time together.

Follow Up Consultation (60minutes)-$69 CAD

Follow ups are not mandatory, however, it is to your benefit to check in and provide feedback after about 2-3 weeks of following your plan to determine if any further tweaks or additional recommendations need to be added to your treatment plan.


3 Sessions for $210