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Seeing A Nutritionist In Langley Is Critical To The Success Of Your Weight Loss Goals

Since the two main parts of keeping fit and trim are diet and regular exercise, your nutrition is important. Unfortunately, most people focus more on exercise than nutrition. This is why most people don’t eventually achieve their weight loss goals.

Here is the truth, your diet is way more important than work outs in your weight loss quest because it contributes much more than regular exercise. Consider the facts below.

Nutrition is not generic

Yes, you can do a lot of research to know the kind of food you should take and the kind of food you should abstain from. The truth is different diet works for different people. It all depends on your age, health history, body composition, and your weight.

So, starting a weight loss program without seeing a nutritionist in Langley is like putting the wrong foot forward. You need to see a nutritionist in Langley to evaluate you properly and recommend the right nutrition for you.

Exercises depend on age

You cannot continue on strenuous exercises when you begin to age and that is when you become more prone to adding of weight. However, your nutrition may not change except on the advice of your nutritionist in Langley.

Humans naturally expend some calories even without exercise

This may sound strange to you, but it is true. Human beings spend most of their calories just being alive. Here is the analysis. There is a number of calories you shed everyday just by doing the necessary things. It is known as your “resting metabolic rate”.

The formula to calculate your resting metabolic rate is “9.81 x amount of non-fat mass + 370 calories”. This represents the number of calories you shed per day. For instance, a woman who weighs 300 pounds and has 30 percent body fat will spend an average of:

(300 x (1- 30/100) *9.81 + 370 calories) = 2,430 calories on a daily basis

In addition, you will spend additional 10 percent of the figure above on each of the following

    For digesting and absorbing dietary intake – Thermic Effect Food For doing actions like fidgeting during anxiety. It varies on a daily basis and it also varies from individual to individual – Non Exercise Adaptive Thermogenesis For getting out of bed and doing your normal daily routine like doing your house chores, climbing the stairs and walking to the street to get a cab or board a bus

When you them together, you will arrive at about 3,150 calories. That is what you dissipate every day without exercise. The point is, the number of calories you burn during exercise is a negligible amount compared to this figure.

This is not to say daily exercise is not important. Of course, it has its health advantages. But with regards to weight loss, it is not as important as your diet. This is why a lot of people that focus more on exercise do not achieve their weight loss goals. In fact, some people do not change their diets. They combine weight loss supplements with daily exercise and their goal now seems elusive.


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