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What Makes A Holistic Nutritionist In Surrey Different From A Dietician?

Some people tend to find difficulty differentiating a holistic nutritionist in Surrey from a dietician. While both fields are related, they are not the same. A holistic nutritionist will guide you through a comprehensive health care plan while a dietician will only give you information about what diet is suitable for your health needs. If you have health concerns and you need diet guidance, it is important that you understand the job description of a holistic nutritionist and a dietician so you can make a well-informed decision about which professional is best for you.

The Job Description Of A Holistic Nutritionist

A holistic nutritionist in Surrey will is responsible for guiding you through leading a healthy life by recommending healthy food choices without stress. You'll be encouraged to eat wholesome foods around family and friends. A holistic nutritionist isn't just concerned about the type of food but also about the type of soil that is used to grow the food. They are concerned about the health of the planet as a whole. Holistic nutritionist believes that the best type of food is the food grown on uncontaminated soil since soil pollution reduces the nutrients of food.

A holistic nutritionist will make recommendations to balance your diet by encouraging you to incorporate more whole foods. They base their recommendations on diagnostic tools such as live cell microscopy. This tool is used to magnify a client's blood to the extent of revealing the nutritional status of the client. Information regarding fatty acid levels, iron levels, vitamin levels, folic acid levels, protein levels, etc., will be revealed using this tool. The process also shows the health status of the liver and helps the nutritionist determine if there is any problem with digestion of certain micronutrients or presence of harmful bacteria. Depending on the result of the test, the holistic nutritionist will recommend an individualized nutrition plan. The main aim of the plan is to correct suboptimal patterns, so they don't manifest into diseases.

The Job Description Of A Dieticians

A dietician is also a nutritionist who recommends nutritional plans based on a client's needs. They follow the food pyramid as provided by the government. They recommend healthy eating habits and advise on nutritional issues. Surrey has a food guide and recommended calorie requirement. This is what dieticians use as the standard for making recommendations. They don't link nutrition to diseases as holistic nutritionist do.

Which Should You Choose?

A certified holistic nutritionist should be the first option when you have food sensitivity issues, and you believe that your diet can greatly impact your health. They can combine food and supplements to help you solve your dietary problems. They have ample knowledge of required acid/alkaline balance. They also use homeopathy to help you achieve optimum wellness. If you have specific medical conditions that require dietary changes, a dietician may be able to help you. In most cases, the services rendered by a dietitian will be covered under your health care plan.

Both a holistic nutritionist in Surrey and a dietician are experts in giving nutritional advice. However, who you choose depends on your needs and your doctor's recommendation.


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