Working at the VANS skateboarding competition 2015





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Another successful year performing acupuncture/massage for the professional athletes in the Vans Skateboarding competition. Many of them have never had acupuncture or massage before and their bodies definitely needed it. This was a great event and I look forward to next year. Thanks for inviting me back VANS!

The Van Doren Invitational 2015 invited some of the top skateboarders from around the world to battle it out for bragging rights and a slice of that a $75,000 prize money. Vancouver’s legendary Hastings Bowl played host to the world-class Van Doren Invitational skate comp for the second year in a row, and while the skies spit rain most of the day, everyone remained in good spirits while waiting for the inevitable action to go down. In order to get the contest underway at the earliest possible moment, locals of all ages pitched in with leaf blowers, buckets, squeegees, mops, rags and flame throwers to dry the bowl so the skateboarding could begin.